What we are looking for

  • A passion for singing.
  • Musicality
  • A good voice
  • Openness, teamwork, and a positive attitude
  • Some level of reading skill and/or a good musical memory
  • A commitment to our mission

Clearly, not everyone will have all of these attributes – don’t worry, you do not have to be the perfect 10. More often than not most are a healthy mix of the above qualities. Whatever your skills, all we ask is that you embrace singing in all styles and we can guarantee you’ll find people in the Chorus who share your interests and voices in the Chorus with whom you can blend.

What to Expect

The word “tryout” may sound a little scary. Think of it as a chance to introduce yourself to the Chorus and for the Chorus to get to know you and your vocal abilities. Tryouts take only a few minutes and are as relaxed, friendly and informal as we can make them. Our main goal is to leave you feeling that you’ve done your best.
Click the Join Us and fill out the form to get more info and to find out when we are accepting new members. Normally in late summer and in early winter.

The tryout usually goes like this:
In the room, you will find the Artistic Director and just yourself.

  1. They will begin with a brief chat, and then some vocalizes to determine your range and section.
  2. Then you will be asked to sing something which can be as simple as “Happy Birthday”, “America (My Country, ‘Tis of Thee)” etc.
  3. Finally, we include a very brief check of your music reading skills. We recognize singers learn music in different ways. Some read music well while others can pick up a line quickly by ear but are not experienced readers. All are welcome.
    We provide learning tracks and other support of various kinds. We want enthusiastic singers foremost. Whatever happens, you can be assured there will be a supportive and respectful atmosphere, and you’ll get a lot of encouragement from your new friends. Current members will also be available to answer questions you have.

What Happens Afterwards

You will be placed in a section that best fits your voice and given access to our member site where you can access the sheet music if you use a tablet, access the event calendar, and other chorus info, we have instructions on how to install the app or you can use the traditional printer sheet music.  We will provide you a copy of the membership guide and a chorus buddy will be assigned to help you along the way.