Festival Scholarship Application

The Triad Pride Performing Arts Organization is committed to helping TPPA members in good standing (current dues/active members) who desire to participate in the 2024 Festival in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

As a 501(c)(3) organization, TPPA follows IRS guidelines stipulating that for funds to qualify as tax-exempt, they must be utilized exclusively for covering expenses related to the festival trip. To facilitate this, TPPA will cover the registration fee of $350, provided it hasn’t been paid already. The remaining amount will be disbursed to individuals via check a few weeks prior to the event


It is important that you register for the festival so that we can then pay your registration fee

The scholarship value is $500 each. We anticipate awarding a minimum of 10 scholarships, with five allocated to each chorus. In the event of fewer than five applications from either chorus, we may distribute additional scholarships to the other chorus. Should extra funds become available before the Festival, they may be distributed among existing recipients, and/or additional scholarships may be awarded.


Allocation of Scholarship Funds

Applications must be submitted to request consideration. The TPPA Board of Directors will review applications and award scholarships. Recipients will be notified of the award of a scholarship by a member of the Board of Directors.
Festival Registration(Required)